Expert Restaurant Hood Fire System Installation in Denver, CO

A fire suppression system is of the utmost importance for any commercial kitchen. A kitchen fire can be devastating, and you may have to wait a long time to collect on your insurance policy and then rebuild.
Hood Fire System — Tri County Fire Protection in Rifle, CO
Tri-County Fire Protection in Denver, CO, has the fire solution for you because we carry Ansul restaurant hood systems, one of the most trusted products you can find on the market. We can help you determine which system best fits your needs. Check out the best Ansul systems below.
R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System
This system has a flexible design and uses a low pH liquid agent to reduce flames and cool extremely hot surfaces in a kitchen. It also has a revolutionary vapor-securing blanket that is generated from the system to prevent re-flashing of fire. This system protects all components in your commercial kitchen including filters, hoods, plenums, and ductwork as well as all appliances such as range tops, broilers, fryers, griddles, and woks.
The R-102 comes in two different designs. One is appliance specific—the nozzles point at one appliance. In the other, the nozzles overlap to cover a group of appliances all at once.
Piranha Dual-Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System
This system uses the best agents used in fire-fighting, a combination of a fast-flame reducer and a wet chemical to enable very fast cool down. Chefs and restaurateurs trust this system in stadiums, fast food chains, and casual and fine dining establishments of all kinds.
The dual agent covers twice as much area as a single-agent system and works 15 times faster than a single agent works. It uses 60 percent fewer chemicals, has an overlapping coverage to protect a large assortment of appliances, and requires only a small area for the chemical storage tanks.
Aesthetically Pleasing Systems
This option reduces grease accumulation around the nozzle, aids in cleaning and servicing a kitchen, and allows you to upgrade to this system as an add-on for your existing system.
The Piranha system has optional increased nozzle heights. This nozzle design allows installation up to 84 inches above the appliances, making them almost flush with the hood top and out of view.
Aesthetically Pleasing Systems — Tri County Fire Protection in Rifle, CO
Contact our experienced staff to discuss your options in restaurant hood vent installation in Denver, Rifle, Boulder, Grand Junction, and Vail, CO. Trust us to offer superior fire protection with the best fire suppression products.